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Our family micro enterprise was .Established in 15 December 1994.
Our main activity is technical development within this predominantly environmental products and technology development.
Production licenses have manufactured environment-friendly surface cleaning solution.
The Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement Service Department of Justice and Codification
took up our company registration number is 009 309 forensic roll.
Development achievements are details in section "ACTIVITIES."


Typical administrative record data:

The Company is located in 3561 Felsozsolca Gózon L. str. 4
Premisses location:
Sajóbábony Industrial Site,
Szerencs, Felsokert u. 40th
Company registration number: 05-09-003752.
VAT number: HU11078122-2-05.
Statistical code: 11078122 7310 113 05
K&H Bank Zrt. 10402764 49515554 52511026
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Ivan Raisz dr. Research Director                          CV -  Publications
Ms. Maria Raisz dr. Developer                              CV -  Publications
Ivan Raisz Senior Engineer Developer                 CV -  Publications
Dr. Sándorné dr. Ildiko Raisz Senior Developer   CV -  Publications

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